Each city comes with a unique story, a tale that helps shape the character and weave a one of a kind fabric that gives a resident pride and a feeling of ownership. The story of New Smyrna Beach began in 1768, when Scottish physician Dr. Andrew Turnbull established the colony of New Smyrna. No one had previously attempted to settle so many people in one passage at a colony in North America. The area was then only sparsely populated, due to the frequent raids by Seminole Indians. During the Civil War in the 1860’s the still standing “Stone Wharf” was shelled by Union gunboats. In 1887, the Town of New Smyrna was incorporated with a population of 150. In 1892, the arrival of Henry Flagler’s Florida East Coast Railway led to an increase in the area’s population and a boom in its economy, which was based on tourism, citrus, and commercial fishing industries.

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